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Patrick PankhurstAfter a Harvard education and years of training, I was lucky enough to become a working actor in TV, Film and on Stage. Like most actors I had to take a day job. So for the last 25 years, I worked in casting.

Very few teachers have worked that much on both sides of the camera. It has given me a unique point of view and added much to my knowledge and approach to teaching. However it was not until I began incorporating the camera into classes that I found a truly functional approach to coaching. The camera is a great teacher. It gives you immediate feedback, and it never lies. You watch your work and you know how well you’re doing. If you want to work on camera…. you have to train on camera. This philosophy is at the heart of the weekly acting classes I now run in Hollywood.

We are lucky to be artists in media at this time. It’s the most creative and challenging of the crafts. We have the opportunity to inspire and enlighten – and, of course, entertain. We only have to work at our craft. Fortunately, most of our work is play!

Patrick’s constant professional dedication…

Jeremy Glazer

…and joy of teaching helps you explore characters, scene work and audition skills that keeps things fresh and brings your best performance forward every time! Patrick makes it about the work and not about him, which is rare in this town. I’m grateful for Patrick – and you will be too!”

Jeremy Glazer

Patrick's On-Camera Acting Credits

Patrick's Acting Credits

Patrick is known for his work on Mission: Impossible III, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Black Sheep.

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