Patrick’s Acting Classes in Los Angeles

Audition Style Acting Classes

Welcome to my weekly acting classes – held at Sacred Fools Theater, 1078 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, 90038 every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 10:30pm.

The acting classes are in audition format, on camera, with feedback and a callback. Everyone works twice on camera, in a friendly, supportive atmosphere with other actors who really want you to succeed.

Why an on-camera workshop?

If you want to work on camera, you have to train on camera.
Our approach is based on the idea that the process you use and the skills you need to do a good audition are the same tools you’ll use on set. That means preparation for an audition is really your preparation for the job.

In our class workouts, you’ll exercise the skills you’ll bring to the set… which builds your talent… which makes you a better actor.

Unique weekly workouts for Los Angeles actors.

This acting class is like no other. It teaches you to bring your very best performance when you walk in the audition room. And each week, you’ll become a more confident, intuitive and skilled actor.

Find out more from Patrick in this Welcome video, introducing his LA acting classes.

Patrick truly cares…

Chad Bishop

…about every actor that comes into his class. It’s a unique quality in this business that you can’t help but notice. If you’re looking for a scolding every time you do something ‘wrong’ this is not the class for you. Without ignoring the areas that need work, you’ll find you get more positive reinforcement than negative – leaving you empowered rather than defeated. Being that it is more than affordable makes it one of the top acting classes to take in Los Angeles. This class is truly a diamond in the rough!”

Chad Bishop