Private Audition Coaching

As an actor, I know how important it is to work with someone else. Most working actors work with a coach. It’s your dress rehearsal. It’s where you put it all together and work out the kinks. Only by working with another actor/coach can you learn to listen, to think, to feel, to be in the scene.

I always offer actors the choice of working on camera when preparing for an audition, This allows you to watch your work and be able to craft a better performance. This technique makes you a better artist. There’s nothing like seeing yourself on tape and knowing you’re doing good work.

One last thought: perhaps we can look at auditions as a sketch. We’re asked to create a portrait out of the writer’s words. Costume designers, set designers, and special effects artists all show their sketches to the director and many directors themselves work from story boards – sketches.

Auditions are sketches of characters. Its a challenge, its an opportunity, its part of our craft and its a part of our art.

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