Acting Classes

What are On-Camera Acting Classes?

The camera is a great teacher.   It gives you immediate feedback, and it never lies. You watch your work and you know how well you’re doing.   If you want to work on camera – you have to train on camera.

Acting classes like ours that focus on camera-work will make you a better actor by watching back your performance, learning, and trying again. It’s practice, and it’s play!

Our approach is based on the idea that the process you use and the skills you must have to do a good audition are the same tools you use on a set.  In our workouts, you’ll exercise the skills you take to the set … which builds your talent …  which makes you a better actor.

Why The Audition Format?

Almost every job starts with an audition.  So this arena – auditioning for Film and TV – is a style of acting that you must learn.

Actors are in a way portrait artists.  You are asked to bring in a living portrait of a character in a specific moment in a script.  Your job is learning/preparing the material and performing it in a small office with someone you’ve never met with no rehearsal.  So you better have a process that prepares you for audition/performance.

What Will You Learn?

  • You’ll learn a process of preparation and performance that works for auditions and for the set.
  • You’ll learn about Film and TV writing .
  • You’ll learn what works on-camera and what doesn’t.
  • You’ll learn the rhythm of being a working actor: Get the material.  Work on the material.  Perform the material – All in 24 hours.

These classes are designed to make you a stronger performer in a professional situation.  Putting together a character and a scene for an audition in 24 hours is something that actors must be able to do.  It’s not just a professional challenge: it’s an artistic challenge.  You must learn to be creative under the pressure of time.

Why Not Another Scene Study Class?

If you’ve spent years doing plays, and studying but never worked in an on-camera acting class, here’s a metaphor: For years you’ve played violin and been trained in classic music.  Now you’re being asked to play Rock and Roll.  Same instrument.  Same talent.  But you’ve got to learn the style. Come and join us for free and see how you play.


Sacred Fools Theater
Los Angeles, 90038


Tuesdays: 7:30 – 10:30pm


$200 per month


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