Acting Classes in Los Angeles by Patrick Pankhurst

Why you should choose Patrick as your Acting Coach …

Patrick Pankhurst's Los Angeles Acting Class

Weekly audition style acting classes: this  is NOT a Cold Reading Class!

  • We send out current Film and TV scenes every week, and actors prepare them as if they’re coming in for an audition with a casting director.
  • You enter the room. There’s Patrick, and there’ll be a reader – just like in an audition.
  • We tape it. And just like in an audition, you might be asked to make some adjustments, and do it again.
  • Once everybody has had their go, the class sits together, and we all watch the tapes.
  • Then Patrick gives feedback – he’s been teaching this acting class for 15+ years, so he knows what he’s talking about.
  • Then the rest of the class might give some supportive feedback.
  • And then …
  • We do it all over again, like a call-back.
  • You’ll find that your performance the second time is so much better than the first.
  • Then, there will be more notes in the room.

All actors work twice a night on camera, in a friendly, supportive atmosphere with other actors who really want you to succeed.

This acting class is like no other. It teaches you to bring your very best performance when you walk in the audition room. And each week, you’ll become a more confident, intuitive and skilled actor.

The day after class, Patrick sends out notes, so you’ll always remember what happened.
We meet one night a week, and the cost is $200 per month.
Come audit us for free!

Why an on-camera workshop?

If you want to work on camera, you have to train on camera.
Our approach is based on the idea that the process you use and the skills you need to do a good audition are the same tools you’ll use on set.
So, your preparation for an audition is really your preparation for the job.

In our class Workouts, you’ll exercise the skills you’ll bring to the set – which builds your talent … which makes you a better actor.

Feedback from your fellow actors

The respect and insight that we hear in our workouts is often inspired – and it’s a big part of what makes our approach different.

For my generation, feedback was almost unheard of. Throughout out all the years of my acting training,  it was forbidden to comment on another actor’s performance in a class. Feedback was an invaluable tool that I just never got hold of; the Lee Strasberg/Neighborhood Playhouse/Stanislavsky wing of the acting world simply did not tolerate or allow commentary. The result was that, when I started to coach actors, the idea of inviting comment was something that I had substantial doubts about and I initially explored its possibilities with much hesitation.

To my delight, the results have shattered all those doubts. The point of view which emerges when actors comment on each other’s performances is laced with perception. In my classes, I am consistently impressed by the insight and support that we hear emerging each night from the collective intelligence. It helps us think and talk about acting in an intelligent way – and perhaps most importantly it trains us to listen and be open to adjustments. I marvel at the ability of the actors in my class to be supportive and insightful in a non-critical way.

Supported feedback and commentary have now become standard in my classes. It’s a long way from the silence of my own training and the benefits continue to amaze me – and improve the standard of my students.

First class free …

Sure, you’ll want to audit Patrick’s Class before you sign up. But why sit there watching when you could participate? We invite you to sample your first class free of charge. Of course, if you’d rather just observe, that’s fine too.

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